My story

My story

Exactly one year ago my company was born: Lemuria Fragranze. A project born from the passion for cosmetics since
the age of thirteen when I was the classic girl who wanted the perfect skin but who obviously fought against the classic
youth imperfections. My luck was to meet the best of the orders that there are in perfumery (of course for me) and that still today after twenty-two years follows me and advises me by sending me passion in what he does.

Over the years I have tried an infinite number of products on my skin; never completely satisfied, I said to myself: “Why not create a line of my own?” I wanted to create articles that did not yet exist on the market, which would reflect my being and my philosophy.

This is how they are born: Alice, Mia and Essenza; my three creams, the three basic references for a better skin.

Because there is no perfect skin, but treated yes!

I have always supported the craft work, that handmade product, unique, created with quality raw materials and the skill of those who know what it does.

Volterra, Tuscany: favorite destination for my holidays, a village made of history and artisans that shape alabaster; from here comes a wonderful collaboration that, after months of hard work, gives life to my casket. Object so loved and strongly protected by a patent.

Obviously I relied on a workshop for the formulation of products that, with forty years on the market, helped me find My creams.

This is followed by the registration of the brand and the choice of the brand name, Remuage Fragranze.

You will ask: “What does the word Remuage have to do with skincare?” It has to do with it, because I wanted the name of the brand to speak of my passions, especially that of wines and sparkling wines.

How I like to sip a glass of wine in the cellar and discover the story inside the glass. It fascinates me and I seem to go back in time;

I would be listening for hours and hours learning new things. So I wanted to combine the Remuage technique with a facial Remuage, or a cleansing for our skin; it takes fantasy!

Currently the world of skincare is full of competition; thousands of big and small brands already known and established: In short, emerging is hard work, made of sacrifices and determination. Getting to know the market is very difficult and expensive, the road is long and difficulties are the order of the day, but when you can create something extraordinary, you must have determination, never give up in the face of difficulties and above all do not be discouraged.

We young brands have a lot to give, give us the chance to show it to you.

Alice Miglio

Lemuria Fragranze