Turmeric: gold for our body

Turmeric: gold for our body

Turmeric is often also referred to as “spice-drug”, in the sense that it can help our body and therefore our health both from
point of view of prevention, both as an immediate remedy to reduce certain ailments.
Turmeric has many properties, now also proven by allopathic medicine.

Its first use has to do with its anti-inflammatory action. Turmeric, in fact, manages to reduce in a marked (and demonstrable) the level of inflammation of the body.

In some cultures such as in India it is used for healing, the powder of turmeric is therefore applied on wounds, on some dermatological affections, on insect bites or on slight skin burns.

It is also a very powerful antioxidant, the plant is able to counteract the action of free radicals, responsible for the aging process and to damage the membranes of the cells that make up our body.

But not only that, this exceptional spice also possesses detoxifying virtues so much that it is recommended for a deep detox of the liver, obviously combined with a healthy diet.

In Remuage Fragrances we were fascinated by all these great properties and we decided to include it in our Alice face cream.

Another detail, not a little, is the property of natural coloring that offers turmeric, was in fact used to create the characteristic gold color of Alice.

Beneficial effects on our body and a natural gold color pigmentation … we could not ask for a plant better.